NAR spent a whooping $42 million on Congressional and down-ballot races, including propositions in 8 states. [ Nearly 100 Realtors ran for office!]

NAR ,and its local affiliate the California Assoc of Realtors, have consistently supported home ownership, which the Association believes is threatened from several sectors.

For example, NAR Government Affairs Director states that “Many think tank studies pointing out the need ‘to reform the tax code’ (are really using) euphemisms for going after a lot of our incentives for homeownership and real estate investment.”  The most under seige are the mortgage interest deduction, the property tax deduction, and the $250,000/$500,000 capital gains exemption on sales of  primary residences.

Locally, CAR  has opposed ballot measures that seek sales taxes on real estate services, strengthen rent control, and raise property taxes.  They support affordable housing and transportation issues, like LA’s Meaure M.