Jenna Chandler, LA Curbed, reported Nov 1st the the plans for a George Lucas Museum in Exposition Park were filed with the City of LA on Oct 27th: " He wants to park the museum on a strip of land parallel to Vermont Avenue, just steps from the Coliseum. Renderings of the design by Chinese architect Ma Yansong were unveiled Thursday—a futuristic building that looks like a Star Wars spaceship. On Monday, plans were filed with the city’s planning department.

Those plans call for a five-story, 312,000-square-foot museum with exhibit areas, a cafe and restaurant, theaters, lecture halls, a library, and classrooms. The museum’s board of directors has also proposed surrounding the museum in up to seven acres of green space and offering parking for 1,800 cars." 

Plans were similarly filed with San Francisco, so the Mayors of those cities are competing to win the Lucas Family  commitment.