Right now, the foundation is being poured for a giant orbed-shaped theater that will be attached to the rear of the old May Company building. Built in 1939, the Streamline Moderne building with its gold tower is being restored to house the museum's exhibits, which will include a full-scale model of the 1975 Jaws shark, plus approximately 62,000 pieces of production art, such as the Planet of the Apes mask, the model horse head made for The Godfather and the lion's mane and rubby slipped from The Wizard of Oz.

After years of community push back over concerns about traffic and parking, ground finally broke in March with the demolition of the department store's rear-wing. That makes room for the huge orb, which was designed by architect Renzo Piano to hold 1,000 seats and an observation deck. It's poised to dramatically alter the view at 6th Street and Fairfax Avenue.